Treatment is most successful during the period of active growth, i.e. puberty. Of course, treatment can also be started at a later stage.

The duration of treatment ranges from 6 months to two years. With complicated treatment, it is possible to extend the period.

After the first 3-4 days, it is possible to take almost any food. Of course, within the comfort of the patient.

Cavities occur as a result of poor hygiene. The adhesive used to fix braces helps bacteria spread more slowly in the oral cavity. Of course, the best prevention is regular and good hygiene.

Orthodontic treatment is strictly individual and a specific financial plan is prepared for each patient according to the stages of treatment and the type of equipment used.

New technologies make the extraction of teeth extremely rare.

Visits follow an individual plan for each patient. Most often over a period of 4-8 weeks.

Orthodontic treatment is not accompanied by pain. Tooth numbness is possible after several procedures.

Of course! Fixed orthodontic appliances do not interfere with sports, and removable ones can be removed.

When the orthodontic problem is significant, treatment in early childhood is possible. In such cases, appliances are most often placed or the growth and development of the structure is monitored.